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The smart way to prevent kitchen fires.

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Two year

Certified to
BS EN 50615

Auto power 
shut off

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Firechief Kitchen
Stove Guard

The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard is a device that works out when the temperature of cooking is too high and turns off the source of ignition, effectively preventing kitchen fires before they start.

50% of all accidental house fires start in the kitchen. The Kitchen Stove Guard creates a safer home for all – especially the elderly, vulnerable, and student population, as well as the tenants and owners of flats and luxury apartments.

Next generation fire protection is about stopping fires before they start

How does the Kitchen Stove Guard work?

The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard provides a worry-free approach to managing cooker top safety without affecting normal cooking since it reacts to an alarm by turning the cooker’s electricity supply off. An intelligent heat sensor monitors the rising temperature, as this is an indication of a developing fire hazard. 

What is the
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Benefits of having the Kitchen Stove Guard
What is the standard BS EN 50615?
How the Firechief Kitchen Stove works?

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