Where are Kitchen Stove Guards used?

fire protection


Two year

Certified to
BS EN 50615

Auto power 
shut off


UK:  The Firechief Kitchen Stove Guard has been successfully installed into luxury apartments, rented properties and social housing across the UK to help save lives and property by effectively preventing cooking fires before they start.

However, in some European countries the adoption of stove guards is much more widespread:

Norway: first to introduce a law for stove guards

The centre of stove guard research and development has been in the Nordic Countries. In 2012, long before the EU standard came into effect in 2015, Norway passed a law – the first of its kind in the world – that required all new kitchens with electric powered cooker tops to have a stove guard installed. Norway has traditionally been a forerunner in fire safety, and the country’s high percentage of wooden buildings with difficult access (often in mountainous areas) likely had an effect on this law being passed.  As a result, deaths from fires are now much lower in Norway than other European countries.

Finland: first stove guards to comply with new EU standard

In Finland – another international forerunner in fire prevention and stove guard development – Innohome’s Stove Guard products were the first cooker safety products to have been demonstrated to fulfil the EN50615 standard when tested in a third-party, accredited test laboratory.

Sweden: Citizens over 65 years of age can apply to their local council to have a stove guard fitted free of charge to enable them to continue living safely in their own home into old age.

Germany: The stove guard is considered a dementia assistance product and as such is covered by insurance.

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